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Increase relationships with your audience, increase interactions with your customers, stay up to date. With our innovative solution, you can build and manage web pages, price lists and digital menus directly from your smartphone

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Design web pages, menus and digital price lists and generate leads for your business quickly and easily, without technical skills and directly from your smartphone. Are you an entrepreneur with little time, a professional with specific needs, a marketer looking for a solid system to support your work?

With our application you can create and manage one or more web pages for your business. You could create a presentation page for your business to put on Google™, share on your favorite social networks or send on WhatsApp™ or via email. Maybe you are a restaurateur who wants to create, manage and modify your digital menu in real time. Whatever your need, is the right choice!

Are you a business consultant or a professional? With Moblypage you can create a page for your profession, tell who you are, talk to your audience about the services you offer and what you can do for them. You can add a contact form and receive your leads on your email and manage them directly in the app. Create a web page in minutes, insert your content, take a photo and publish your page in real time. Directly from your smartphone!

Marketers need speed, stability and simplicity. If you are a digital professional you can use to manage projects on behalf of your clients. We will give you access to exclusive and powerful services for managing your business. You can also create a real business, activate customers even without them having a paying account or work with our affiliation system and have continuous recurring customers. Book a demonstration and discover all the details of the expert piano.

Organize your business

With projects,
you organize your pages

Each project groups your pages. For each project you can configure a custom domain, manage tracking tags such as Google™ Analytics or the Meta™ Pixel, verify domains with meta-tags

  • Organization
  • Custom domain
  • Monitoring
  • Integrate third-party tags
  • Share with an expert
  • Check meta tags
4 types of pages

Choose pages based on your goals

Each page has a goal and is born with a purpose. With everything starts by choosing a page type. Generic Landing Page, a Digital Menu or Price List, a Ghost Page or a Splash Page

  • Landing Page
  • Splash Page
  • Ghost Page
  • Digital menus and price lists
  • Dynamic QR-Code
  • Builder Mobile First
Continue your work anywhere

Integrate easily your favorite tools with our webhooks

Communicate with your favorite applications. Create one or more webhooks and send data externally, integrate to your favorite application and continue your work with your tools!

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I create and share my events page directly from my smartphone. Easy and fast!

William E. Snell

Event organizer

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Speed of creating web pages

Thanks to moblypage I create landing pages for my advertisements in an instant

Carolina Endrizzi

Social Media Marketing

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New leads generated in the last 4 months

I have several restaurants and it's great to manage my digital menus in real time

Ronan Rodrígez Almaraz


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Increased sales of featured dishes

Flexible prices

Pricing plans suitable for all business needs

Whether you're an individual, a small team, or a growing business, we have a plan that aligns perfectly with your goals

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Create a digital menu for your restaurant in 15 minutes just from your smartphone

Create a digital menu for your restaurant in 15 minutes just from your smartphone

Creating a digital menu for a restaurant, a hotel, a bar or any other place or business has now become of fundamental importance. The digital menu, in addition to saving you money on paper printing, allows you to update your restaurant’s menu without wasting printed promotional material. The problem that a Ho.Re.Ca. professional finds is […]

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